Me. He. & Them

Me. He. & Them is a blog written by three mums – Me & The Girls, Me & The Boys and Me & Little Miss A – who met at the school gate. What can we say: we just clicked. What began as a wave across the school yard led to meeting up for coffee. It was often the highlight of our day.

As we got to know each other better we started to exchange stories, tips, worries and advice about our daily life as a mum, wife and working parent.  We couldn’t stop talking so we decided to start writing. And voilà – our blog was born.

Hope you’ll enjoy it!

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Me & The Boys

I am a mother of 3 boys: Mellow (5yo), Jed (3,5yo) and Little T (1yo). And I am married to The Brain.

I like my jeans and my Converse. I love going out with my girlfriends (I don’t do it enough though). I like to sleep (but I haven’t had a good night sleep for 5 years) and I like to have some time for myself to read or to write.

I don’t like to clean or tidy the house (but I love a clean and tidy house). I don’t like to cook (but I do it for my kids). I’m not sporty (but I walk everywhere so I guess that could count as sport). I don’t like when people criticise my beautiful and perfect children!

Me & The Girls

I do not like high street chains for the standardisation they promote and the idea that we can get the same product wherever we go. I hate 80’s music except Queen and the Sex Pistols. I hate show-offs. I need 8 hours sleep but can’t manage to go to bed at a decent hour and I’m not sure why. I love horses (and miss mine as she lives in France), eating, drinking and sports (which isn’t quite compatible), listening to music, singing, opera and diversity. I am full of contradictions but I’m working on it. I am French, married to Blue Eyes and a former bank executive. I have 2 daughters: Blondie (4,5 years) and Bonny (1,5 year). I stopped working in order to enjoy life with my girls a bit more and to make sure the rest of the family does too. I am not quite fully convinced that I manage doing so. I sometimes feel that I am a desperate housewife only.

Me & Little Miss A

  • I am Canadian.
  • The Captain and I have lived in London for over 10 years.
  • Our daughter – Little Miss A – is a toddler (cue tantrum!).
  • I love discovering a gem at a charity bookshop, shoes and handbags, Haribo, tidying the house, coffee with friends, Sunday lie-ins, US Weekly and American Vogue, corduroys, eggs, reading a good book in bed, my cowboy boots, watching Little Miss A sleep. And making lists.
  • I hate getting caught out in the rain without an umbrella, rush hour on the Tube, cooked carrots (but don’t tell Little Miss A), rudeness, men who don’t wear belts.
  • I want to be a photographer when I grow up.

6 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi!
    Just found you on Love New Blogs and think you blog is lovely.
    So much so I have tagged you in a meme over on my blog 🙂
    Fancy joining in?
    PS are you on twitter?
    Mrs 5

    • Hello. Thanks you for your very nice comment. Ah music, I love music on the radio but often have no idea what i’m listening! But i’ll think about it and give you a reply. I will ask Me & Little Miss A and Me & the Girls for help. I have a song in mind but I can’t remember what it’s called but everytime I hear I just want to sing and dance!!! I’ll find out. PS: we’re not on twitter yet but need to work on that.
      Me & The Boys

  2. I love this idea – and am wishing my children went to your school…!

    But now I’m really wondering as well who’s been visiting me? All most intriguing?!

    • Mostly me (Me&TheGirls) I guess but I did advertise a lot to my 2 pals for your blog that I love. Thank you for your nice comments and hope you enjoyed your ride.

  3. Cute blog! I don’t know how a Mom of 5 has time to write anything! I have 3 kids of my own and they certainly keep me on my toes. I’m going to bookmark your blog 🙂
    You can check mine out if you have a chance! http://www.mommyof3byme.com

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