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One of the 50 challenges of the National Trust for the children before they reach 12 is to build a den. Well I’m not 12 anymore but I’ve never build a den!

A few week-ends ago, we took the kids to Highgate woods, North London. After a little walk and a fantastic hide and seek, we found a great tree and lots of branches on the ground so I started building up a den and the kids started helping me.

They enjoyed it so much (and I did as well), carrying branches much bigger than them, working as a team to bring some huge branches and being very sensible about the handling of these branches around each others. Even, little T, now 20 months, went to get some branches! It was actually really good, no fight and no crying!

The den was not amazing (they thought it was though) but it was our first one, and we will probably do many more. And of course we have to go back to Highgate woods to check if our den is still there!

We would love to see your pictures, so if you do build dens, please send some photos.

Me & The Boys