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Hands off approach to parenting to make your life easier now and later. Source : The Week, 1 September 2012 (initial source : The Times)

-“Don’t be their entertainment director”. Let them get bored in their bedroom or the garden. Force them to use their imagination and think by themselves

-“Lose the buggy when they reach three”. See prior post from Me and little Miss A.

-“Don’t stop sibling squabbles. They will learn about compromise, survival and the art of negotiation”. I find that impossible but I will try!

-“Shovering children with praise – such as for brushing their teeth – can lead to an unappealing sense of self-entitlement”. You have to find the right balance between enough praise and too much praise, but also descriptive praise. Hmm, not easy but worth giving it a try I think. See prior post  Calmer Easier Happier Parenting.

-“Don’t indulge fussy eating or make a big deal out of food, as they’ll just find something to complain about”. Not easy for fussy eaters. Join the club!

-“No phonics until school”. Let them enjoy school and when they are ready, they will learn and they will love it.

-“Forget flashy toys. Research suggests they are no better than traditional ones”.

I found those tips developed by psychologist Madeline Levine pretty straight forward but sometimes it’s good to be reminded.

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