The school year is coming to an end. I feel a bit sad, I loved my children’s teachers but at the same time I’m excited about next year. A new school for Mellow (will I meet some nice mums there? Will Mellow miss his old friends) and a new exciting year for Jed. Little T is also going to start nursery in January and that’s a big milestone of course.

This summer I’m torn between getting 1) the children to do a little bit of work (to make sure they don’t forget anything), particularly for Mellow, reading was really hard work this year so now that we have achieved to be able to enjoy the reading homework, I want to make it does not go away and 2) doing nothing and just enjoy the holidays!

I’m sure it will tend to be more of 2) as I always get too ambitious and then I’m too lazy myself!

Anyway we just wanted to wish a very good summer (yes yes it’s been summer for a few weeks now) and a very good holiday.

We’ll back in September with lots of ideas of what to do with children, recipes, tips and food for thought.

See you then.

Me. He & Them