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The official name in English is French Bread and the reason why I call it Lost Paradise is because French Bread is typically the kind of dishes cooked by your mother or grand mother that you loved when you were little but that you never remember to do for your own children. Today was another good example when I heard a nanny saying to the 2 children she was taking care of “of course Pain Perdu how come I have not baked any to you yet. My mum used to bake some for me and I loved it” when I was feeding Blondie and Bonny with it for tea. Same thing happened a while ago when I served French Bread to some friends.

Here is the recipe.:

Old dry bread, any type cut into slices.

50 cl of warm milk in which I put fresh vanilla pod cut into 2, let them brew for a while.

A bit of sugar, some recipe will suggest to add 150g of sugar, I usually put only a few grams of sugar in the milk (see our post about damage of sugar in our society) and save it for the final product if requested.

2 raw eggs

stir the milk with the eggs, soak slices of bread in the mixture for as long as bread becomes softer.

In a pan melt butter and fry each slice of bread on both sides until they become golden.

I usuall serve French Bread for my girls tea or for our family dessert. In our family, Blue Eyes and the girls usually eat it with sugar spread on top. But my dream is to eat it with fresh berries on top and plain yogurt.

Me & The Girls