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Blue Eyes came back from the farmers’ market with a bag full of Courgette Flowers. Then I thought : what on earth am I going to do with courgette flower?

This brought me back 25 years earlier. I was a teen at the time and I spent one of my last summer holidays with my parents at their best friends’ summer house in the mountain near Nice. They had 2 sons a bit older than me and we had great fun (end of story, you won’t get any more from me). Anyway, G., my mum’s best friend cooked courgette flower beignets for us. It was delicious but it was the first and the last time I had some! To me this was the kind of cooking that was too difficult for a novice like me.

Well I was not going to throw away those beautiful courgette flowers so I gave it a go, and guess what, it is delicious but it is also very simple and quick to prepare. You just need to prepare the dough 1 hour ahead of baking because it needs to rest.

I took bits and pieces from various recipes on the internet and this is what I finally managed to do.

For 18 flowers

Remove the centre of the flower, wash and dry

Flour 150g

2 Eggs

10/15cl Beer (I did not have any yeast)


A spoon ful of olive oil


Mix flour, with eggs, oil, beer, salt and parsley, stir until you reach an homogeneous dough. Keep it covered for one hour (not in the fridge).

For more smoothness you can separate the yolks from the whites and add whisked whites.

In a pan, heat oil (Half a centimeter, I use a mix of rapeseed and sunflower oils). Plundge the flower in the dough and let them fry in the pan until the dough becomes golden. Once ready, place the beignet on several layers of tissue papers. Eat warm, not hot. With the rest of the dough I made dough balls, just drop a spoon of dough in the pan and fry it until it becomes golden.

It’s very good as an appetizer or as a main dish. Bonny loved them and Blondie liked the plain one. I wish we had have a nicer weather to complement them!

Me & The Girls