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Do you want your children to understand where the fruits and veg they eat come from? Do you want to cook fresh and seasonal vegetable? Do you want to put your
wellies and pretend you are a farmer?

If you answer Yes to one or all of these questions, then head up to a ‘Pick Your Own’ farm this week-end.

The one we go to is Parkside farm (junction 23 on the M25), http://www.parksidefarmpyo.co.uk/ but there are a few around London. Please
see London timeout website for their selection of the best http://www.timeout.com/london/restaurants/features/10600/Londons_Best_Pick_Your_Own_Farms.html

We have been twice to Parkside Farm last year, once to get lots of strawberries and raspberries as well as spinach and a second time to get more strawberries but
also blackberries, green beans, courgettes, tomatoes, squash and corn. We are going next week-end to get some strawberries and maybe a few other bits as well.

The whole family enjoyed it, our wellies got really dirty and the children learnt
so much about fruits and vegetables. Now my older one recognises a corn field, both my older ones know more about these veg and it’s easier to get them to eat them. I did a big soup with the squashes last year and they were so proud to eat

At Parkside farm, you don’t have to bring bags, they supplies them. You weight the
fruit and veg at the end and pay a price/kg (I can’t remember the different
prices but it comes up a lot cheaper than in the shop and you won’t find
fresher anywhere else) – you have to pay a minimum of £2 per person but that’s
easy. Both times we went, we ended up with about 5kg of strawberries and
raspberries/blackberries together (about £2.5/kg I think). They have a crop
calendar on their website so you know what you will find when you get there.

Try it this week-end.

Me & The Boys