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Go to your kitchen and look around you.

Count how many plastic things you have. A brita water jug, water bottles, food boxes, milk bottles, food packaging, plastic bags, maybe some plates and glasses or a baby bottle?

Well, plastic is everywhere. And plastic is convenient of course.

I recently read a Daily Mail article with the following title : Poisoned by plastic: Chemicals in water bottles and food packaging have been linked to infertility and birth defects. Scaremongering, or the truth?

Although i’m not the type who get scared by everything I read and I tend to think that everything is probably bad but a bit of everything is ok, I still found this article interesting.

Is there too much plastic around me? Plastic is full of chemicals and producing plastic goods is not good for the environment either so over the last few days, I’ve been thinking. My action plan is to try to not use my plastic boxes so much and also to never put them in the microwave. I’m also going to try to buy more fruits and veg that have not been pre-packed. In summary, go for natural products! It can only be good for the family but particularly for my 3 boys – and for the environment.

Let see how it goes.

Me & The Boys