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Last week-end, we decided to go for a little adventure and try something new: Riverhill Himalayan Gardens in Kent.

These gardens are hundreds of years old and are beautiful. The owners – in the same family for four generations – have opened their garden to the public last year to try to make some money and restore the house.

They have done in great job in getting the kids imagination and creativity going.

We started with a tour of their grand gardens, to the top of the hill for the view and down. The kids did not stop walking to try and find the keys hidden in the gardens. A little booklet, sold at the entrance – not given unfortunately, £2.50 – with a map of the keys as well as a little explanation of the trees or plants next to it. We discovered some wonderful and very old trees which were imported from some exotic places in the 18th century, some from the Himalayas. We have picked up some leafs for our herbarium – a post soon on this.

On the way, we found a cute little playground, all in wood, with a tree house and a den. A bit further, a woodland of chestnut, the perfect tree to build a den, so we had to try. Then we came to meadow with a fantastic view , a picnic table and a maze. All children love mazes I think, they ran ahead of us and were very amused when getting to a dead end. The maze will probably be a lot nicer in a few years time when the trees have grown but the children did not care.

To give the visitors an Himalayan adventure, the centre of the maze has a yeti waiting. And in the afternoon, a second yeti comes to life and walks around the den building area, in the middle of the chestnuts. The kids had mixed feeling when they saw the yeti, scared but curious.

Every week-end, they organise a workshop. Last week-end it was paper plane workshop. The children made paper plane helped by a plane fanatic and had a fun time seeing them fly – and still do!

For lunch, you can bring your picnic or you can have lunch at their little cafe, where they serve homemade and organic food. The children had the Yeti’s bag with a Yeti’s feet (biscuit with white chocolate chips).

All in all, it was a great adventure, I think the children will ask to go again, and I will be happy to.

The Riverhill Himalayan Gardens is on the A21, in Kent, close to Sevenoaks and Tonbridge. Entrance is £6.5 for adults and £$.50 for children over 4. Open everyday but Monday and Tuesday until beginning of September.

Me & The Boys.