Recent debate/hysteria over Time magazine’s recent cover image of a woman breastfeeding her three year old as part of its story about attachment parenting took me on a trip down memory (or mammary, anyone?!) lane. I distinctly remember being pregnant and, rather smugly, informing The Captain that we will not be subscribing to (amongst other things) the use of dummies, co-sleeping or formula. Fast forward a few months, 5 hospitalisations, and 1 very early baby through the sun roof; and it had all gone out the window…except co-sleeping. There is nothing I love more than the smell of a newborn baby (perhaps, my own!) but I refused to fall into the trap of having Little Miss A in bed with us. The sheer exhaustion and the mere thought of going back to work in a few months time gave me no choice but to stick to my guns. And what can I say, Little Miss A was quickly able to settle herself and was sleeping through the night at 8 weeks – result! But was it really? Little Miss A was almost too good of a sleeper: she refused to sleep with us; and boy did we try! On Friday nights, after a long week at work, one of us would bring her into our bed for a family snuggle. I could see her big brown eyes scanning the room, sucking away on her fingers or her dummy, wide awake. And just as I’d drift off to sleep, I would feel a poke…and open my eyes to her pointing at the door. Gluttons for punishment, this went on for a few years. Eventually, she could speak and would either tell us to take her back to her bed or simply protest. Or hang onto the bars of the crib as we tried to fish her out. Gesh – what’s a mother gotta do for a cuddle?!! The Captain and I kicked ourselves for being so militant about co-sleeping. That is until that brutal cold snap earlier this year, when the house was freezing and all we wanted to do was get under the duvet and watch the box set of “Downton Abbey”. It was so cold that Little Miss A didn’t kick up a fuss when we brought her into bed – woo hoo!

I’m now making up for lost time…

Me & Little Miss A