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Primary Schools want to ban best friends so that children don’t get upset by fall out.

Is that right?

A few months ago, I actually read an article about the importance of a best friend. This study was highlighting how children with a best friend are more confident and happier. This could also lead to performing better at school.

I could not do without my best friends. A best friend is somebody you can turn to when you feel down, somebody you can talk to, laugh with and share everything. Somebody who makes you happy by being there. When my child comes home everyday from school saying he has played with C, then I make sure we organised playdates with C and I won’t organise playdates with all the little boys and girls in the class, his special friend is C, so be it.

Between the age of 3 and 99, you will probably change best friends many time, but I think that’s ok. It’s life, people move on and children need to learn this. I don’t think you should protect children too much and certainly not take away the joy of having a best friend and sharing your deepest secret with that person.

At the same, I still think it is best to not segregate yourself from the rest of the group, as you can have one best friends and a few other good friends. At the same time, everybody is different and some children will be very popular and be friend with everyone (but maybe missed on a very special relationship) and some children will enjoy a one 2 one relationship (and maybe actually need that relationship).

Basically I think teachers should not interfere too much. They should not ban best friends, but should not push for it either, ie I don’t mind if my child is not sitting next to his best friend during working time if he can go and play with him/her when they have playtime or garden time.

What do you think?

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