I recently took Little Miss A to a Mini Maestro Family Concert at St. Martin in the Fields in Trafalgar Square.  The church itself is beautiful and the concerts provide an introduction to music to children of all ages (and adults). The conductor walks the audience through a piece – Mozart’s Symphony No. 41 aka Jupiter Symphony – played by a full orchestra. It was informative, full of fun and games as the each section was introduced. The musicians even came down into the aisles to play next to the audience – Little Miss A and I even held up the sheet music for the violin section! The best part was the last 10 minutes of the programme; which is set aside to allow the children to ask the musicians questions and to try the various instruments. Little Miss A queued up to play the drums, sat next to a trumpet player (“loud”) and with some assistance, tried out the violin and viola. If she were to learn an instrument, my secret desire would be for Little Miss A to learn to play the violin. On our way home, Little Miss A happily chatted about her favourite parts (“when the instrument made the sound of water”) and asked when we would be going back. Not bad for £7!

Me & Little Miss A