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It all began with gift. For Little Miss A’s 3rd birthday last year, my younger sister posted a package of presents that included a My Little Pony. Pinkie Pie to be exact:

Apparently, my sister loved My Little Pony as a child so when she spotted old MLP at the toy store, the memories came flooding back and she couldn’t resist. It was love at first sight  for  Little Miss A and so an obsession was born. And not just MLP figurines. Little Miss A wanted to see a pony close enough to pet and weekend visits to the local City Farm only fuelled the fire. Next, she wanted horseback riding lessons for her birthday. Seriously? I was thinking more along the lines of the piano lessons.

But then again, why not? A quick Google search led us to a local equestrian centre that offers Shetland pony rides for 3 year olds; to give them a taster before they can enrol in lessons at 4 years. The Captain and I decided to surprise her. We figured if she wasn’t ready, at least we can walk around the stables and have a snack at the cafe. Well, wild horses couldn’t keep Little Miss A away from all the horses (once she got over the smell). She couldn’t wait to get fitted for her helmet and boots and then off she went with the trainer for a walk on Rusty.

She learned to start, stop and turn Rusty left and right; all the colours of horses (a white horse is not called white but grey) and how to stroke a horse. Little Miss A loved every minute of it and seemed so confident and natural as she rode Rusty and chatted with the trainer. Bless. The happiness I felt watching her enjoy an activity that she chose herself had me walking on cloud nine for days. It also made me think twice about imposing my dreams on her. We will definitely be going back.

Me & Little Miss A