I am now realising that having a child that sleeps well can be both a blessing and a curse. Little Miss A slept through the night at 8 weeks (whoo hoo!) and would faithfully nap at least 2 hours after lunch without a fuss. When she’s tired, she asks to be put to bed. Or just passes out on the floor. On one occassion when she slept at nursery – for a rather stingy 45 minutes as per school rules – the teachers couldn’t find her amongst her boisterous peers when I arrived to pick her up. We looked in the Wendy house. We looked in the classroom next door. We looked in the loo. I resisted the urge to panic since it was unlike Little Miss A to wander off when I noticed her telltale red Mary Jane’s poking out of the book corner – and there she was: curled up on the concrete floor with her Iggle Piggle soft toy stuffed under her head. Bless. My little girl will stop at nothing to get her beauty sleep.

Fast forward a year and she was still not ready to drop her nap. Some of her little friends have been sans nap for over a year. I started  to panic as I’ve been told come the start of the school year the children are required to stay longer and there will be no nap. Gulp. I hastily organise “No Nap Boot Camp” aka drop the nap in a week; and all goes surprisingly smooth. Little Miss A doesn’t appear to miss her nap during the school week and still goes down at a reasonable hour (and not in her supper!). Until this week. We are in a bit of a vicious circle at the moment with Little Miss A taking a late afternoon nap, which leads to a later bath and dinner, a later bed time, and a very unhappy bunny come the morning. Oh, did I mention she now gets up at 2:00 am? The Captain and I are at wits end. I’ll be damned if I start having to get up in the middle of the night when she is 3 years old. But I need to break this cycle before it breaks us.

So here’s my plan: pick her up from school and then race home for a nap. 1 hour. No more. No less. Wish us luck!

Me & Little Miss A