You have at home some fire protection doors or you’ve been looking for ways to prevent your child from trapping his/her fingers in doors. You have been trying the foam door catch (which is good to prevent the fingers to be caught in the main frame but is useless if fingers are caught between the frame and the back of the door), the door block (that has become your child’s favourite game to remove. The good news is he or she is usually knocked out before he/she could feel the pain of fingers trapped in the door). Well don’t look anymore, my friend A. has just found the right object:

These are Beaba hinge protectors. You can purchase them for less than £10 for 3 of them. In addition to being very safe and efficient they are also very discret (well, if you want colorful ones trust Beaba they also have very colorful ones!) Here are some more info if you wish.

Me & the Girls


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