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Are you getting holes in your favorites clothes? I am and I’m getting really frustrated by these moths. I bought cedar wood hangers and balls in all our cupboards and chest of drawers; and although I can’t them (actually, never have) I can see the damage as they munch their way through my favourite woollens.

Here are some recommendations from friends:

  • Cedar wood and other chemical deterrent (NB: keep away from children as they are also very poisonous) will only really work in air tight containers. So if you are putting away your winter clothes, pack them in air tights containers or bags and put a few cedar wood balls inside.
  • Before putting your clothes away, make sure there isn’t any larvae attached to your clothes. To do this, either wash your clothes at the dry cleaners or for a more economical solution, put your clothes in the freezer for 24 hours (in an air tight bag).
  • Apparently, dirty clothes will attract moths who will then lay eggs on them so do not put clothes that you have worn back into the closet.
  • Vacuum your regularly; as well under the bed and chest of draws and behind  heaters if you have carpets, as moths also like rugs and carpets.
  • Moths do not like light and heat, so once a month open your drawers and shake out your clothes (preferably in the sunlight) and your rugs to make the larvae fall off.
  • A moth’s life cycle is less than 1 month; although this will depend on temperature and humidity.
  • My local dry cleaner said that moths tend to arrive in the spring through open windows.

My action plan: put all my clothes in the freezer, day after day and keep them in air tight bags until all the clothes have been in the freezer and keep them there for 1 month. Hopefully,  by then all the all the larvae will have been banished from my clothes and the female moths will not survive. Also, regularly vacuum the cupboards and drawers and put some cedar balls (changing them regularly) to deter new moths. Oh, and shake my clothes out often. Let’s hope I will get rid of them. If you have additional tips, let me know.

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