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A couple of weeks ago, Mellow came back from school with Flat Stanley. Flat Stanley is a little boy who got flattened by a bulletin board, and who realised that he could then easily travel around the world in an envelope.

Each child from his class cut a Flat Stanley (previously drawn by the teachers) and colored it. They then laminated their drawings.

Mellow took his Flat Stanley back home with a letter ready to be sent out to friends and relatives. So we sent it out to Istanbul, where Mellow’s best friend moved to a few months ago.

Mellow’s friend (or his mum) sent us Flat Stanley back a couple of weeks later with a letter explaining what Flat Stanley did during his week-end in Istanbul with pictures.

I though it was a great idea and I don’t know if this is a common activity in school, but if not, maybe you can do that at home.

Below you will find an example of the letter and Flat Stanley to use as a model.

‘In school my class read a book called “Flat Stanley”. It is about a boy who becomes flattened one night by a bulletin board in his bedroom. At first he is sad, but then he discovers many special things he is able to do when he is flat. He can slide under closed doors, be flown like a kite and even folds himself in an envelope and mails himself to visit friends in far-away places. In school, I made my own Flat Stanley. Everyone in my class is sending his/her Flat Stanley to friends and relatives. I hope to learn about different places, landmarks and people. I decided to send my Flat Stanley to you, and I hope you will show him a good time. Maybe you could take his picture next to a local landmark, make him a new outfit or send him back with a postcard or souvenir from your area. After your visit with Flat Stanley, please send him back to me and tell me about your visit. I will share the pictures and stories with my class. Thank you for helping me make this a fun learning experience, for my class. Love from,’