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I love avocados and it is full of good stuff: vitamins, fiber, potassium, folic acid and it is also very good for your heart; as it contains lots of good fat.

Until recently Mellow and Jed did not like avocados, so I started to serve it more regularly and tried different ways.

What worked the best was: Avocado the American Way

Take the skin off, slice it and prepare the American sauce as a dip: mayonnaise and ketchup! A lot of avocado and a little bit of American sauce. Delicious. Vinaigrette is nice as well.

Avocado the Mexican Way aka Guacamole

Mash the avocado with some lemon juice, salt and pepper and some spices (I use Schwartz’s All Spice); onion and garlic are great but optional.

Great for a dip with veg, a side with chili con carne, with tortilla chips or in fajitas.

Avocado the Salad Way

Because I love avocado, I often add it to salads which can be done with minimal effort. You can try this recipe from Me & The Girls.

My favorite one is rocket, pancetta (previously cooked in a pan), croutons (either bought and home made – diced bread cooked in a pan with olive oil), tomatoes and avocado. Halves walnuts are great as well, and potatoes if you think it won’t be enough.

Me & The Boys