Do you know any mum who does not worry about her children? It’s probably very
natural, and I’m the same but I feel that sometimes we should just let go and let them be themselves.

He is not potty trained, she is shy, she does not talk, he is too scared to ride his bike, she is scared of dogs, he won’t go on the climbing frame, she can’t write her name, she does not like reading, he does not like school, etc etc…I could go on and on…

Often when you talk to these mums a few months later, you realise it was just a phase, but then they worry about something else then.

Are we just worried because we love them, or are we too competitive, do we want them to be successful at everything, academic subjects, music, and sport (and not just one sport).

So please try to stop worrying and in most case it will just pass (if not, yes of course, you are allowed to worry!), and enjoy your time with your children. I
promise I will try as well!

Me & The Boys