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Always wanted to take the first aid course. Never did.

Last Thursday I was out with a group of friends, all enjoying the chit chatting and the food when…. one of them started to scare us all, she could not breathe, she was standing there trying to catch her breath but could not.

I did not move. I did not know what to do, I was just watching her, and was completely useless. All I was thinking was ‘we need to call 999’. I thought maybe it was an allergy or asthma…well to be honest I had no idea.

Fortunately one of us was a GP, got up and dislodged whatever was stuck – before I had time to get up and do anything.

I was shocked at my reaction – or lack of reaction. What if no GP had been around? So a first aid course is my next course of action. And this shows that it can happen to anyone and not just babies/children.

A couple of advice from the GP

-If somebody is in an accident, while waiting for the ambulance, you should try to ask the accidentee as many questions as possible on their health :are they allergic to anything, do they take any medicine.

-If a baby chokes, put her/his body in a diagonal, head down and gently pat his back

-Mouth to mouth is out of fashion now (nobody wants to do that to a stranger in the street). Best is to do a cardiac massage.

But my advice is GO TO A FIRST AID COURSE, book one now!

The British Red Cross has a variety of courses and online videos.

Me & The Boys.