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No, not the Hollywood stars but the real ones, all around you in the sky.

Mellow and I went to the planetarium in Greenwich a few weeks ago. We saw a show ‘The Lives of the Stars’. It’s aimed at 5+ and is definitely good for anyone older than 5-year-old. It was not always that easy to follow for a total beginner like me but it was still very interesting and mainly very beautiful.

Mellow loved the reclining seats and the planetarium screen above his head. The show only ran for 30 minutes so perfect for a 5-year-old and on the way home he was telling all about the stars birth and death and how they lives for millions of years.

We also got to see the winning pictures of the competition ‘ Astronomy Photographer of the year’ 2011. Entries for the 2012 competition is now open. Some of the 2011 winners were amazing but not always taken by professionals. Some were taken by under 16s (under 16s competition) with a normal camera. Very inspiring.

If you have time, you can also take advantage of the beautiful surroundings of the planetarium, which is set at the top of the hilly park with magnificent views over London.

Booking for the shows (adult £6.5 – child £4.5) is highly recommended and you need to arrive 5 minutes early. Once the show has started, nobody is allowed is – no exceptions (the reason being that it is very dark inside the planetarium and you would not be able to adapt fast enough). Entrance to the Royal Observatory is free (home of the meridian line).

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