Friday is baking day and after a long week at work, nothing beats coming home to your child already fed and bathed and a house that smells like a bakery. However, on this particular Friday, I came home to a sullen Little Miss A on the verge of tears and a very harassed looking Nanny with a face of thunder.

Me: “What’s wrong? Is everything alright?” I noticed my normally pristine kitchen floor was littered with green peas.

Nanny (talking a mile a minute, very agitated): “Little Miss A keeps spitting out the peas and won’t finish her fish pie! I told her that the rule is if she didn’t finish her plate, there would be no dessert! So I threw out all the cake and cookies we made this afternoon! She didn’t believe I would, so I did!”.

Right. Deep breath. The kitchen was a mess, Little Miss A still hadn’t been bathed and I was looking forward to escaping to a long overdue Ladies Night. I’ll deal with this next week when Nanny has calmed down.

The next morning, I recapped the events of the previous evening to The Captain.

The Captain: “What? She threw it all out?! I smelled cookies when I came home and looked high and low for where you hid them!!”

A day later and I still couldn’t believe Nanny threw out all the baking. Waste of food aside, I didn’t like that Nanny lost her temper like that; and I wasn’t convinced that throwing out food would have any real impact on a 3 year old fussy eater.

Later that afternoon I became totally convinced it had no impact whatsoever: I caught Little Miss A eating cookies out of the bin.

Me & Little Miss A