While travelling on the Tube recently I saw a woman wearing a “baby on board” badge. What a great idea! It’s a bit perverse that the time when you would need a seat the most is during the early stages of pregnancy when you are feeling tired or have the bad luck of morning sickness – and yet, no one offers you their seat because you don’t look pregnant. So if you are travelling on public transportation and feel too shy to ask someone to give up his/her seat, this may be your answer:

It reminds me of the time I was queuing for the bus and woman tried to push me aside to jump the queue. I didn’t let her by and proceeded to board the bus and sit in a priority seat. I looked up to see the same woman walk down the aisle towards me looking quite determined….with a walking stick. Gulp. She asked me for my seat which I quickly gave up and without a word (I was so ashamed!). That would have been the end of  it if I hadn’t been pregnant. The woman could not stop apologising as she insisted on offering me my seat back.

I’m pretty sure the “baby on board” badge would have come in handy during this awkward moment.

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