I was complaining (a bit) about school (I always complain anyway so don’t take anything for granted) because I thought that Blondie was doing loads of coloring but no enough free drawing (in fact none). And at home it is impossible to make her draw anything.

So I was not as delighted as I could have been when Santa Claus offered me a book about how to interpret children’s drawing.

I finally decided to read it looking more for an explanation on why children will not draw anything and on some tips to get my Blondie to draw, even anything.

Then can you imagine our extreme joy when Blondie proudly brought us a drawing she had done at the child minding facility of the hotel we went during the last school break. She explained that she was requested to draw her family…Here is her family

“Maman, this is Bonny and me. I have replaced you by Doudou (her comfort toy, the yellow thing on the left) and Daddy’s in the back!

Well, according to the book one way to interpret her drawing is that she wants me gone and replaced by her comfort toy (sometimes I wonder whether it is really worth quiting working for your children…) and that she skows that her dad exists but it could be next door that she would not mind!

So we concluded that this book was really crap and that we like when Blondie does not draw. We are not complaining anymore about her too much coloring because I read somewhere but unfortunately can’t reckon where that coloring do stimulate children imagination and many other skills. Ouf!

Me & The Girls