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How come you don’t know decopatch? Well don’t worry I was in the same shoes until Blondie’s 4 yo birthday last October. The reason why I am writing this post only now is because it took us all this time to really discover what her birthday was about.

2 weeks ago I was stuck home with my 2 girls and a severe cold while my lovely husband was enjoying the rubgy game Whales vs. France live in Cardiff (hate week ends sometimes). I was wondering what to do with my girls to keep them busy with a minimum involvement from myself and no chance really to go outside. So I suddenly remembered about this Decopatch birthday present from my sister to Blondie. It really saved my life last Saturday. Thank you!

I am not exactly into art & craft and I guess it is one of the reasons why this birthday present stayed so long in a cupboard. I was a bit impressed despite my sister telling me that she does it all the time at school with her whole classroom full of 5 years old (she’s a teacher). It consists of paper and glue that you can stick pretty much where ever you want and most interestingly on any objects you want to decorate according to your tastes (see their website for more information).

With Blondie we did a jewellry box (the box was also provided as apart of the birthday present but it could really be any object of your choice). You can cut the paper with cissors or just tear it to the shape you require. Then you apply the glue on the surface with a paint brush, then the paper and then the glue again (it is actually a glue and also a polish); The glue is perfectly safe, it does not have any smell (so they say, my nose was blocked so I can’t really say anything) and the whole thing can easily be washed with hot water afterwards. The big thing is that a 4 year old can really do it by him/herself. Pure Heaven just judge for yourself!

Once we’ve finished distempering and sticking the box was not looking that great and I thought to myself: another ugly object I will not be able to throw away because Blondie won’t let me do so (I cannot really do it in her back, right?) but I must admit that after the drying time this jewel box is actually very good looking and I would not mind using it for myself. There is a snag though. I let it dry with the lid shut and I can’t open it anymore 🙂

I hope you’ll have some funs too! And if you’re looking for a 4-6 year old birthday present idea you’ve just got one!

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