I’ve booked a week-end away with the children. Away from the kitchen, the laundry, the housework and the errands. It’s going to be sooooo nice!

Well, we’ve been and we actually came home early that Sunday. It was such a difficult week-end, I’m shattered, I need a holiday now. I’m going to work tomorrow, perfect!

The children were so excited, they did not want to go to sleep and then did not sleep well at all, ‘Mellow has taken the duvet’, ‘Jed is too close to me, I can’t sleep’…..and then Little T woke up everyone. So not a good week-end to stock up on sleep.

Jed only wanted to eat pizza, lunch, dinner and lunch again, pizza and nothing else! We went to see beautiful Rye and Jed was scared of the fireworks. Mellow was pretty moody all week-end – maybe from a lack of sleep as well!

On top of that, the staff were not very friendly, and The Brain had a massage at the hotel Spa which apparently was the worse massage he ever had!

We came home straight after lunch Sunday.  I wanted to have a few hours at home before the beginning of the week to relax a bit!

Maybe we won’t do this again for a little while! We’ll stay home and relax doing laundry and grocery shopping.

Me & The Boys