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Let’s hope the weather is going to stay nice and sunny, and let’s go out to enjoy it. It might be a bit early to go for a picnic but it’s a perfect time for a walk in the country side or in the local park.

Time to go and look for birds and their nests, time to look for tadpoles and frogs, for caterpillars and butterflies (very interesting website on butterflies cycle http://www.thebutterflysite.com/life-cycle.shtml), and for buds and flowers.

Everything changes very quickly in the spring and I love to take the kids to the same place every week-end and show them how things has changed, new flowers, the trees have grown (lighter green than the rest of the trees), you hear the birds and might see some baby animals as well (a bit later in the season).

You can bring some books with you to try and recognise the flowers or the birds. I would say birds for older kids as you have to be very quick at observing them (and listening). We have a book on flowers that they love to bring with them (even in the middle of the winter!) – Wild Flowers, edition Collins gem.

We’re starting this week-end and even if the weather is not as beautiful as today, we will still enjoy the beautiful daffodils.

Me & The Boys