I met up with an old friend and former colleague for lunch. She wanted the skinny on me re-entering the work force after almost 2 years off.

“So what is it like going back to work?”

Well, I went from being a senior department head that everybody knew to a nobdy with non-management duties (somewhat by choice). I report to a guy who’s at least 10 years younger than me (luckily, he’s lovely). I’m sitting on a bank of desks with – gasp! – colleagues for first time since 2004. There is a constant stream of people walking behind me so it feels like someone is reading over my shoulder (sigh, I miss having an office). Oh, and being the new girl, have the worst seat on the floor: it’s next to the main door, and if someone forgets their pass, they ring the buzzer and I let them with the remote control thingy that was bestowed on me. Did I mentioned my office is on the ground floor, so my desk faces the street? You’d be amazed what gross things people do. My previous firm had slick, new offices and staff dedicated to clearing our desks after lunch. My new office is hotter than Hedes. The toilets don’t flush properly. My hands feel sticky all day as I suspect the cleaner is using the same cloth to clean the kitchen, bathroom…and our desks.
Me: “Love it! So glad to be back!”
Me & Little Miss A