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Last week-end, we went on a little adventure under water…meaning to the London Aquarium. It’s a nice place if you are looking for what to do with your kids over the week end.

After a 30 minute queue (I now know you can buy priority tickets online for £3 – or be there a few minutes before the opening hour), we got it and almost from the start, we got to glass walkway with many sharks swimming just under our feet.

What the children loved the mosts was the clown fishes of course (the nemos) but also the dories (tang fishes), the sharks, the rays, the seahorses and the guitar fishes (mainly because of their name).

After the under water experience, we moved to the north pole to see the penguins. You can see them under the water or on the ice. We saw them race or jump in the water. Very very cute little penguins I have to admit. There is a microphone in their tank so we got to hear their high pitch noise very loudly.

The children also got to touch a sea star.

Pretty good morning. Even Little T enjoyed the lights and the sounds.

The aquarium is open every day. You can book online for slighly cheaper entry fee.

Me & The Boys

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