Do you remember the beautiful time you had in Paris with your lover? He took care of everything, the food was so nice, the hotel so romantic. What a memory! What a nice time.

A few years later, your lover has become your partner or your husband, you have a couple of young children. And now you are the one in charge of booking the week end for the whole family and you are wondering what you will be able to do with children in Paris and how you can accomodate a trip that will be agreable to the whole family. Impossible! Well…Difficult… for sure! Impossible …may be not. Here is a suggestion of things that I did/I do with my children when we visit Paris.

That is one of my favourites itineraries when I am in Paris with my girls. We usually go to Jardin des Plantes in the morning and visit either the Ménagerie (small zoo) or La Grande Galerie de l’Evolution and try to remember the name of the animals of the African savannah, or visit the Museum de Paléonthologie et d’Anatomie Comparée (natural history museum). If you are expecting something as great as the London Natural History Museum you may be a bit (but just a bit) disappointed (because it is a bit dusty) but surprisingly it is one of Blondie’s and my favorite. We love looking at the various skeletons and try to guess which animal it could be.

Then for lunch we go to the restaurant of la Grande Mosquée de Paris (sorry could not find a page in English). It is a very friendly place (children are more than welcome) to enjoy a couscous (or a tagine) and have a bite into an oriental patisserie while drinking a mint tea or a turkish coffee (no alcohol served though:-)). They are quite flexible about the timetables as well. The Grande Mosquée de Paris can also be visited. And I was quite surprise to see that Blondie enjoys her visit asking why there was green everywhere, why people were removing their shoes, pointing out that she could not recognize the letters from the books she was looking at.

Me & The Girls