I love when I find a nice family recipe that in addition to being easy to make, is a cheap and delicious meal. The other day I was quickly reading Modes & Travaux, a French magazine that is regularly given to me by my mother-in-law and I found traditional French family recipes classified by region. I had a look and found a gem (aka easy, cheap and delicious) under the Parisian category. Here is my Parisian dinner (translated/inspired from Modes et Travaux):

Potage Parmentier (Potato and leek soup):

Pan fry an onion in butter, add diced potatoes and sliced leeks until they all become brownish. Then add vegetable stock and boil for 35 min (medium heat).

Slice bread and pan fry it with butter to make croutons.

Mix soup, serve into bowls with a litte bit of crème fraiche with salt and pepper, chives and croutons.

Oeuf cocotte:

The best value dish that I have ever made in terms of money, time and taste.

Apply butter on the sides of small oven proof dishes. Break the eggs into them, add a spoon of crème fraiche, grated cheddar (obviously this was not in the original recipe since it is supposed to be a Parisian dinner but cheddar was the only grated cheese I had in my fridge this very day and it turned out to be very good), salt, pepper and sprinkle with chives. Bake in the oven, place in boiling water at low temperature for 10 to 15 min. (180 degrees max)

Pear douillon (*):

Since I have known him (nearly 20 years next September!) Blue Eyes has been mentioning the Douillon he used to buy at a now defunct French bakery in his parents home town; which is also one of his best childhood memories. So can you imagine how I felt when I saw a Douillon recipe at last?!

Peel whole pears but keep their tail. Apply lemon juice around them. Poach them in boiling water for 5 min. When they’re cold remove the centre using a peeler. Apply butter and sugar around them.

Prepare a thin square layer of pate feuilletée (puff pastry), big enough to be able to wrap the pears with them. Make sure that the pastry joints are well sealed since it is easy that they disjoint with the head of the baking (as you could see on the picture it did happen to me!)

Mix a yolk with a little bit of milk (2 soup spoons), apply all over the pastry surface; this will give a nice golden colour upon baking. Place the pear on an oven proof sheet after having previously applied butter on it. Place in the oven (220 °) for 30 Min.

Serve warm with icing sugar on top.

(*) According to the magazine, pear douillon is actually a recipe that originates from the western part of France. However, since Blue Eyes comes from the Parisian region I have thought I would take the liberty of treating it as a Parisian recipe.

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