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Right after getting rid of the threadworms (see previous post), no time to enjoy the peaceful moment. Today we have received a nice letter from school. We know this letter. We have had the same last year. It starts with : Dear Parents, 1/ Your child has head lice, 2/ there is a case of head lice in the class (circle what applies). Tonight I checked Blondie’s hairs, nothing, big sigh of relief. But what if she had had lice…

Last year we were not that lucky. I decided not to go for the chemical shampoo treatment but for wet combing treatment. The teachers looked at me very suspiciously, probably worried that the wet combing treatment is not efficient enough. Well, when the insecticides don’t work you are left with the wet combing methodology anyway. So I decided to go for it directly, probably for the same soft reasons that apply when I prefer buying organic rather than traditional.

Here is the wet combing methodology mostly extracted from NHS web site. The wet combing method consists in removing the head lice by systematically combing the hair using a special comb with a spacing not less than 0,3mm.

Wash the head using ordinary shampoo and apply ample conditioner. Untandle the hair. Then start the louse detection comb.

Draw the comb down to the ends of the hair with every stroke and check the comb for lice; if any wipe or rinse.

Make sure that the teeth of the comb slot into the hair at the roots with the bevel-edge of the teeth lightly touching the scalp.

Work methodically through the hair section by section so that the whole head is combed through. For additional safety I like to do it both side (upside down as well).

Rinse the hair and repeat the procedure on wet hair.

Repeat the procedure on day 5, 9 and 13 in order to clear the young lice as they hatch before they become mature and are strong enough to transfer from one head to another.

And remember head lice don’t jump, fly or swim, they travel by head-to-head contact. If you want more info about head lice you can refer to NHS website about head lice.

Good luck

Me & The Girls