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Following suggestions of my mum, I have made this desert when my parents were here recently. Well, I would not have imagined that it was so simple to bake a charlotte. Charlotte aux poires et au chocolat is the perfect family dessert and it should look like this!

Ingredients: Eggs 3, butter 100g (previosuly softened), cook chocolate at (at least 70% chocolate softened in bain marie) 70g, Sugar 100g, a pack of (biscuits à la cuillère) or ladyfingers (Boudoirs), pears in syrup(*), a bit of brandy (rhum, cointreau, kirsh)

First prepare the chocolate mousse:

Split eggs yolks from whites. Mix yolks with sugar until the mixture becomes homogeneous. Add softened butter and softened and cooled down chocolate. Stir well until you obtain a chocolate mousse (by the way if you decide not to continue you’ve just got yourself a very nice chocolate mousse for tonight’s dessert!)

Whisk egg whites with pinch of salt until they become chantilly (my food processor gave up the ghost) so I had to do it manually and I think that it is actually much better. Unlike what would be commonly shared, it is not about rapidity of movement but about how much air you incorporate at once. Whisk movement does not have to be fast but regular and ample.

Take a mould (preferably rond and deep), I did not have any so I used a rectangle and deep one. Take your biscuits, dip them in water with a dash of brandy (or you can use the syrup of the pears). Then apply them next to eachother in the bottom and on the side of the mould, then pour the chocolate mixture, drop some chunks of pears (you can also pour a bit of chocolate mixture, then do a layer of pears, then chocolate mousse again, and so on and so forth until your reach the top of your mould).

Place in the fridge for 2 hours but that’s what I did and it was not enough; So I would say for at least 6 hours until the chocolate mixture hardens. Then remove from the mould on a large plate.

Next time I will try to add more chocolate and less sugar in my chocolate mousse preparation.

Me & The Girls

(*) you can easily prepare your own pears in syrup; just remove the skin from pears cut them into 2. place them in boiling water with sugar, vanilla pod/extract and a dash of alcohol for 5 to 10 min.