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With 3 children, quality time with each of them individually is quite tricky and is actually getting trickier as they get older I find.

Jed, 3, is always trying to get my attention and somehow it’s by shouting, being naughty and talking non stop. I’ve been trying to spend some time with him just before putting him to bed and it ended being only 5 min as when I was reading him a story Mellow would always want to come and listen to the story as well.

So another one of my New Year resolution – yes there has been quite a lot now! –  is to spend more time with each of them – Jed being the priority as he is often left behind. And with Mellow having homework daily now and little T being not so little and walking, it’s even harder and I can’t just let things happen by themselves, I need to be organised.

Up to now, I was being a bit selfish and on the one day a week I was not working but still had the nanny, I was enjoying myself and picking up both Mellow and Jed at 3:30, and therefore leaving Jed at after-school nursery from 2:15 till 3:30.

Yesterday I picked Jed at 2:15, we went home and had a lovely time. We played cards and talked while he had his snack. It was so nice spending some much needed quality time with him. And he really enjoyed it as well. I now need to be strong enough to say no to everything that’s going to come in the way. Yesterday already, a friend asked me for coffee before school pick up. I said ‘ No. sorry, I have quality time with Jed, I can’t!’.  It was not too hard though, as it as the first day!

I think Jed is going to get used to it though and will really be expecting it, so a cancellation of our weekly ‘date’ will have to be backed up by a proper explanation.

I have also started to lay down next to him in bed for a couple of minutes before he goes to sleep and asking him what he did at nursery, what he had for lunch, who he played, what he did with the nanny etc…and every night he says I need to ask him what he had for lunch! So this is definitely something he appreciates – and this is a time when I’m all ear, nobody else is talking to me or trying to get my attention.

If you have any other ideas/tips of how to spend quality time with each of your children, please let me know.

Me & The Boys