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I didn’t think it could get any worse: after eating multi grain bread for years, Little Miss A has decided she doesn’t like the seeds (or dots, as she calls them). Instead of eating her toast or sandwich, she spends her time picking away at the bread. Or she just licks the butter off and says she’s full. Mountain of crumbs aside, I wasn’t about to cave and start buying white bread just as she’s turning four. I also wasn’t going to avoid the issue by giving her cereal or pancakes (how she would love that!) . So what was I going to do?

Answer: cookie cutters.

Somehow, toast in the shape of a heart, dinosaur, gingerbread man, or the letter A can make a little one forget about their food fetishes. Little Miss A has never had more than one slice of toast for breakfast, so imagine my surprise when she had three. Result!

Me & Little Miss A