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I love animals. I do not like zoos. I do not understand how such a cruel invention from the past is maintained when it has become easy and rather cheap to see wild animals in their natural environment or on TV. Consequently I have always refused as far as I remember to go and see a zoo.

Then I have become a mother…..And guess what, my girls love animals.

So The London Zoo has become one of our favourites of what to do with children in London, especially when we welcome visitors. And we went several times. Well… I must admit, I am starting to like it. I have not become a member. Each time, I think that I will not have the opportunity to come back within a year but I have already been there 4 times!

The zoo has succeeded (except for the poor girafes who seem to big to have enough space on a land as expensive as London) in giving these animals and the public the impression of being at home in their natural environment and the possibility to escape from public sight and have some privacy if they wish to do so.

And the London Zoo is also doing a remarkable conservatory work allowing endangered species to survive on sight and in the countries where they are from. A few months ago two lion cubs and a baby hippo were born in the zoo.

Now as far as my girls are concerned, Bonny loves going there and points out “yaya” (penguin) here , “yaya” (Meerkat) there or “Hi Ha Hi Ha Ho”, a reminiscence from the nursury rhyme.

Blondie prefers the most is the bouncy castles which cost is unfortunately not included in the entrance fee!



Blondie has started to learn about animals in school, where they live, what they eat; I guess it is time to become a member of ZSL.

More information on their website. Check it out regularly since they have some bargain from time to time. Open every day.

Me & The Girls.