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Mellow has turned 5, and once a again, a few weeks after Christmas, we were scratching our heads trying to decide on what he was going to get for his birthday.

And then The Brain read my post on the study highlighting the fact that children have too many toys but not enough quality time with their family. He came up with the idea of a no-toy birthday. And I thought it was actually a good idea.

Mellow has had toys and books for Christmas he has not even looked at since being back to school. And he already has so many toys.

We wanted to do something that was going to be special for Mellow. After quite a few evenings searching the internet – it is actually harder to organised a No-Toy Birthday than just buying a toy! The Brain and I agreed on a rock climbing activity, a movie and a diner of his choice.

A few days before the D-Day I prepared him to the fact that he was not going to have any present from us. The Brain did the same the following day. On both occasions, it did not go down very well but we sticked to our decision.

I booked 3 tickets to go and see ‘Puss In Boots’ and invited one of his very good friend. We kept it a surprise until we got to the door of the cinema. He was very happy to see his friend and really excited to go see a movie – it was only his second time at the cinema. I had brought sweets, we bought popcorn and he loved it. That was surprise #1.

After the cinema, we had some homemade pizzas for dinner – his request.

Surprise #2 was for the following day. He loved the rock climbing, and our instructor (booked for Mellow and The Brain) was really nice. Mellow’s favorite was when he was sent up high in the air, he called it swimming climbing!

The week-end went really well and not once did I hear ‘I want a present’. His gran’s present was in the post and he was expecting it but it only arrived on the following Monday and he did not mention it at all.

I don’t know if we will do that every year but we will definitely do it again.

Me & The Boys.