Following my dinosaur themed week-end post, here is how we spent our Pirate themed week-end –  a good way to keep my boys (and any children I think if you’re looking for what to do with children) under control.

We started off with a pirate workshop at the Golden Hinde, a pirate ship in London (London Bridge) – to get them in the mood. It worked! The pirate crew got them to raise the anchor, fire a cannon, search a treasure map and then of course the treasure. It lasted 1.5 hour and they thoroughly enjoyed it. Some kids came dressed up.

Back at home, we made an eye patch (or two actually). Quick and easy, something everybody can do : cut the shape of an eye patch in felt or cardboard, make 2 holes at the top left and top right, attach an elastic band on each side. Done and one (or more) happy child!

For diner, we had fish, as pirates eat fish of course! If they need some motivation for fish, get them to read The Troll, by Julia Donaldson & David Roberts (see picture below extracted from the book).

Extract from The Troll by Julia Donaldson







The Following day, a little play at the Diana Memorial Playground and a little treasure hunt (a snack and some chocolate coins) – with a treasure map prepared very quickly while they were playing.

You can also add some pirate coloring or ask them to hide someting and draw the treasure map. If you want to make this educational, you can teach them right and left and maybe how to use a compass while they search for the treasure.

A great week-end for all the family.

Me & The Boys.