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This is what I do when we have family and/or friends visiting and it is always very successful whatever the age of the children, even initially reluctant adults are quite happy in the end.

For me the most difficult part is to find bread bun that do not contain sugar in them.

I also buy 100% pure beef minced meat so that I can design the shape of the hamburger steak according to the appetite of whom it is for. And if you really want to make this a special dish, go to the butcher, it will be a little bit more expensive but so worth it (ask for mince beef though, not already made burgers).

While I cook the burger, I toast the bun. As soon as they are ready I put the two slices of cheese in between the 2 buns so that it starts to melt and it continues when I add the cooked burger.

In various bowls aside, I prepare sliced tomatoes, sliced onions, lettuce (not very successful with children though), sliced raw mushrooms and gherkins. And everybody make their own burgers.

For the sauce, I leave it to each one to do what they want but my favourite is a mixture of mayonnaise, ketchup and Dijon mustard.

I went to Byron restaurant the other day and my hamburgers have nothing to envy.

Easy, Quick and Delicious!

Me & The Girls