Am I a bad parent?

Little Miss A has been home with a cold for the last few days and I must admit this cold snap is not motivating me to leave the house any time soon. Little Miss A has a slight cough and fever; and as is the case when she is feeling unwell, she wants to sleep with us (which The Captain and I love). Last night we were in bed watching “Bridesmaids” when Little Miss A wandered in, quilt and all to hunker down for the night. She feel asleep immediately – or so we thought – so we only lowered the volume rather than put on headphones. Well, imagine my surprise this morning as I was getting Little Miss A ready for school:

Me: “Hurry up and brush you teeth; then you can have your vitamin”.

A: “Fkcing. Fkcing. Fkcing.” Big smile.

My heart sank as my mind raced. Where on earth did she get that from? Ah, last night. When I nonchalantly asked her where she heard that word from, she claimed she made it up. No surprise, those were probably the last words she heard as she drifted off to sleep. Little Miss A loves her Disney Princess gummy vitamins so I managed to extract a promise (“Look me in the eye”) from her in exchange for her vitamin not to use made up words. Fingers crossed, the moment seems to have passed. Lesson learned.

Me & Little Miss A