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I can’t believe I’m going back to work in a few weeks. My to-do list keeps getting longer and longer. I need a nanny, a new wardrobe, a hair cut. I also need to break the news to Little Miss A.

Little Miss A isn’t very chatty – trying to find out about her day is difficult enough – but I’d assumed that since I did work previously and she’s currently at nursery full time that she’ll easily adjust. Wrong. A few days before we were due to interview a prospective nanny and over a bowl of ice cream (I know, I know), I told Little Miss A that I was going back to work and that I won’t be picking her up from school everyday. Little Miss A is capable of some pretty epic tears and tantrums – some genuine, many crocodile – but nothing prepares you for the quivering lip and watching your child fight back tears. She blinked at me as I told her that I loved her very much; that I’m not going back to work because I didn’t want to spend time with her. She continued to blink, looked away and then back up to me with her big brown eyes welling up with tears and said quietly, “But I like you Mummy. Please don’t leave me”. And then she crawled onto my lap and clung to me, sobbing. As did I.

Me & Little Miss A