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Things moved fairly quickly once I put the word out that I wanted to go back to work. I went a bit OCD on the interview prep but was truly excited about the prospect of a new opportunity. I felt pretty good and prepared.

What I wasn’t prepared for the wardrobe constraints. I had been working in a business casual environment forever, only required to pull out a suit for meetings. So imagine my surprise when I pulled out my suits to discover they were a bit too snug. Clearly I have been enjoying my time off a bit too much. I also wasn’t prepared for the intense, searing foot pain when I tried to walk in court shoes. Seriously? I use to commute to work in these?

It’s been at least 10 years since I last interviewed and boy have things moved on. I  think I had an easier time landing a job when I first rolled off the plane with no European experience. Partly because of the recession I suppose, there are a lot of good qualified candidates out there. I was asked to do psychometric testing, multi-hour back-to-back interviews (aka The Beauty Parade) consisting of face to face meetings, conference calls and video chats. I had over a dozen interviews with one firm alone.  Finding a job was starting to become a full time job.

While I admit having some lingering doubts throughout the interview process I found myself really enjoying the prep work, meeting new people and talking about our industry. My confidence was slowly coming back as I relayed for the umpteenth time what I did in my previous role, what are my goals, etc. It wasn’t just a prospective employer interviewing me, but me interviewing them: Are they worth the sacrifice?

I think so. I accepted their offer.

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