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It’s freezing cold outside and our bodies need the extra calories for energy. If you are looking for ideas for simple family recipes – how about trying to make a tartiflette or a raclette or a mont d’or(ette)?

It’s perfect for a cheese party : easy and delicious!


We had a raclette last week end and even Bonnie, 17 months old loved it.

(Sorry I forgot to take a picture so I borrow this one from André on the internet).

Well, I suppose the difficulty with this recipe is: 1. finding the Raclette cheese if you do not have access to a French/Swiss cheese maker (Ocado does sell industrial raclette cheeses); and 2. to have a proper appliance in order to melt your cheese (in France the raclette machine is one of the first kitchen appliances you buy when you are a student for the express purpose of organising a raclette party at home). If you do happen to find raclette cheese, I suggest putting a slice of cheese in a small oven-proof dish and put it under the grill (that’s basically what the raclette machine does anyway). You will know when the cheese is ready when it has started to melt and bubble.

Basic raclette equipment

Serving: count around 200 grams of cheese per adult.

Cheese Crust: some people do eat it, some other don’t; if your cheese is industrial don’t.

As shown in the picture above we usually eat raclette with boiled potatoes, pork meats (dry ham, cooked ham, saucisson, etc.), viande des grisons, cornichons (small gurkins) and green lettuce (in an attempt to make it healthy!).

If you fancy wine, some purists will say it has to be white, though other say red. Feel more relax now?


This is prepared with a whole reblochon cheese (sticky and stinky).

Slice (previously boiled) potatoes.

In a pan fry diced onions with butter, add diced bacon (pancetta) and sliced potatoes until everything becomes golden.

Then you might add a little bit white wine (or a lot). Leave it there until the potatoes absorb all the wine.

Transfer the mixture into an oven proof dish (first rub with garlic).

Cut the reblochon into 2 rounds. Scrap the crust and place the 2 halves on top of the mixture.

Place in the oven for a maximum of 20 minutes at 200 degrees.

Don’t forget to serve with green lettuce in order to minimize the guilt factor!


Mont d’or(ette) for the rhyme

Mont d’or is a cheese from Jura that is usually sold in an epicea round box.

Dig a 2 cm hole in the middle of your cheese, add white wine (optional: add chopped garlic), and wrap the box with aluminium foil. Please in the oven for 30 mins. You can serve with boiled/steamed potatoes and sausages/ham (and you know what I am going to add: lettuce!)

Mont d’or can also be eaten cold, just like that.

Me & The Girls