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I have now started to think seriously that I would like to return to work. But only if the opportunity ticks many boxes and fits into the life that The Captain and I want for our little family.

I think back to when I first arrived in the UK as a newly wed looking for a new role. I’d opted not to take a transfer to London with my previous firm as I wanted to experience a new corporate culture (I had been with the firm since graduating). At the time, I wanted a role that paid well with a commute under 30 minutes. Oh, and the role had to be interesting and challenging.

Fast forward to my family years and things move on a bit. The role has been interesting and challenging enough to justify leaving Little Miss A in the hands of others all day. It has to be close by so I can do at least one leg of the school run and, heaven forbid, get home quickly in case of an emergency. I travelled a lot in my previous role which was tricky with Little Miss A (volcanic ash cloud, anyone?) so keen to take a step back if possible (though the thought of a few nights away on my own was very appealing last night when I woke up at 3 am this morning to attend to Little Miss A!).

So on the PRO side: I enjoy working, even as a mum. I enjoy the mental stimulation of interacting with colleagues. Little Miss A will be in reception come September which means an even longer day without her. The new wardrobe/shopping opportunities.

CONs: A reluctant return to: rush hour on the Tube, frantic school run, office politics, juggling, eating lunch at my desk, long days at the office. Less time for Little Miss A and mum friends.

I love my life as a mum. I’ve met some fantastic new friends and have had a chance to get to know Little Miss A’s teachers. I love spending this quality time with her which really is flying by. I often think that as children get older they need you more than when they are babies; so it will be interesting if I do go back what it will be like to be a working mum of a toddler. I distinctly remember when I left full time work and pulled Little Miss A from full time day care to be a full time mum for the first time since she was 6 months old: the shock to the system was enough to make me seriously consider calling up my old boss begging for my job back. But like any new challenge, you just get on with it. And it all turned out just fine.

Me & Little Miss A