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Mellow had been sucking his thumb for almost 5 years. He loved it, would happily come home, go straight to his bed and suck his thumb. When he was little, he always had a blister on his thumb from all the sucking. I didn’t really mind, he was a good sleeper and at least never complained that he could not find his thumb.



About 2 years ago I went to see a speech therapist (Mellow was not talking very much at all), and she mentioned that the thumb sucking was not great but then she was not worried for his speech; he was still little and she thought we should wait a bit before starting any therapy.

So a few months ago I went to see the speech therapist again (Mellow is now a very chatty boy but it’s sometimes hard to understand what he is saying), and she tells me he must stop sucking his thumb. That will help tremendously and therefore she does not want to see him again until he has stopped. Arghhhhh, how am I going to do that?! She did say it would take 3 days but that seemed hard to believe.

Well, 3 days later sucking his thumb was a thing of the past! We did it!

First night, we put a glove on his hand. Mellow was very unhappy, actually screaming and kicking I should say – but strangely was not taking his glove off. I stayed next to him until he was almost asleep. I went to see him a couple of hours later and the glove was still on!

The next day, I did lots of praising and Mellow was really proud. After school, he did not put his thumb in his mouth (and didn’t have the glove on), it’s almost like it was done and dusted. Well, the night came and with it the screaming and kicking. He kept his glove on and fell asleep pretty quickly.

The following morning, lots of praising again. Night came, we put the glove on and surprise, there was no screaming or kicking; Mellow fell asleep very quickly.

We had done it. We kept the glove on for 2 more nights just to make sure. At the week-end, we called all the grand-parents and Mellow proudly told them he was not sucking his thumb anymore. And the following week, I proudly called the speech therapist to book another appointment!

I always heard that you could change the habits of a baby in 3 days. Well, it’s true for toddlers as well!

Good luck!

Me & The Boys