I found it (what? see previous post). The National Gallery was just around the corner. I prepared my visit this time, checked their web site and discovered that they run an hour long guided tour daily. So here I am. Waiting like other 50 other people for the guide.

Here he comes. Let’s go […]

Thank you Michael. It was interesting. Michael, our guide, picked up 4 paintings of different period and commented them. He also provided with a bit of a background about the buildings themselves.

Once the tour was over, I went to see the most modern part of the Gallery with the impressionists and Van gogh, my favourite painting period. Van Goh has the only paintings in which light arrives from behind the scene/main character making it jumping out the painting and coming to you unlike others who use the light to draw your attention to the main character.

Then I went to Byron (I had heard of it in the blog Babyccino but never managed to try to before). Hamburgers good for value, onion rings far less.

I am wondering where I am going next week. Watching Shame? Robert Hockney’s exhibition? Tate Modern? Don’t know yet. Any suggestion?

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