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Should I stay or should I go? Back to work that is.

I love spending time with Little Miss A but deep down a small part of me has doubted my decision to leave work to become a full time mum. I went back to work full time and fairly full on when Little Miss A was 6 months old; and then up until her second birthday. I loved my job, Little Miss A was happily settled in a lovely nursery that was on my way to work, The Captain and I had a good routine. I admit, week nights were fairly boring regimented but as long as I made it home before Little Miss A’s bedtime, I was happy. But was I really?

We make decisions for various reasons: some good, some bad, some better than others. But I think decisions that factor in any degree of involvement with children can be especially tricky (for me at least). There are so many external factors – or pressures – that creep in despite our bests efforts; social, peer, family/our parents. Not to mention emotional. I realise that the decision to leave work to be a full time mum is a luxury for most, a nice problem to have if you will, but a difficult decision nevertheless. And I often wonder: did I make the right decision?

So why now? Because I got a call from a headhunter with a job offer that I surprisingly had a difficult time refusing: “Let me think about it”. Indeed.

Me & Little Miss A