Having children makes you reflect on your own childhood, and for The Captain and I of late, which sports should Little Miss A pursue? We are both unwittingly the product of a less hyper version of the infamous Tiger Mother and participated in a wide variety of sports to varying degrees of success. So we proceeded to discuss the sports we enjoyed that Little Miss A could potentially pursue and at what age. At the top of our list: skiing/snowboarding, swimming, football and tennis.

Out of the four, tennis is the one sport I’m ashamed to say that for the past decade or so I have only “participated” from the comforts of my sofa. I grew up a member of a tennis club and often played with my sisters during the summer and on holidays. And haven’t played for decades since. But I was determined to quickly get back up to speed to instil a love of the game for Little Miss A.

Having walked past the Globe Lawn Tennis Club in Belsize Park for the better part of 10 years, I decided to look into lessons for children and, ahem, maybe for me. The London Tennis Academy which operates from the Globe offers lessons for children starting from 3 years. Don’t even need to own a (mini) racquet! I was thinking the spring would be the best time to get Little Miss A started and the coaches were very relaxed and suggested that I just bring her along to a Mini Tots class one afternoon for her to observe, hold a racquet, etc. to access her readiness. Perfect. Now what about me?

Me & Little Miss A