Sorry, this post may not be as promising as you might have expected from the title. And no, it isn’t about Tom Hanks or Meg Ryan.

I love blogging but sometimes I feel that blogging prevents me from living my real life. It’s a bit like some people on holiday, who take so many pictures or videos that they forget to live in the moment.

We went to Paris for Christmas and I saw an ad on the Metro for online dating services with the slogan: “you can meet your neighbour on the internet”. Woohoo,  great! A similar online dating service in London was advertising that despite having the highest concentration of opportunities to interact with people – over 2 million people travel in Zone 1 on London Underground each day – the city still has the highest rate of single people. What does this say about how we go about living our lives? Are we missing the point?

Sometimes I wonder whether we are filling our life with so-called “important” stuff as an excuse not follow through with the very basic stuff. What is more important than to smile or spend some quality time with the strangers we live next to ?

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