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Funny snacks!

This idea had been on my mind for quite a while but only recently did I manage to get around to actually doing it. Blondie and I call it “funny snacks”.


  • Selection of fruit, washed, chopped, ready to be eaten. Place small portion of each fruit in separate bowls. (I have chosen to do it with fruit because we normally have something sweet for goûter but it will also works with vegetables).
  • A small child (I guess it works with older/younger/opposite sex/adults as well)
  • A scarf.
  • A table (not mandatory).

Preparation Time: 15 minutes

On the table, place all the bowls of fruit (or vegetable) from your selection. Place the scarf over the eyes of your child, tie it firmly but gently to make sure that he/she can’t see (strongly negotiate that it is for the sake of funny snacks:  (“Mummy I can’t see!” “Yes, I know it is done on purpose, kitten.” “Mummy, I’m afraid of the dark, I want to remove the scarf….” thus Ju Jitsu!). Ask your child to taste the contents of each bowl and ask him/her to name what she/he is eating. Feast the spectacle!

I was amazed to see that Blondie could still distinguish all the fruits that she hates (banana, grape, blueberry, raspberry, kiwi, apple, pear). There were some figs in this round of funny snacks. I did it on purpose because I know that she would not eat them otherwise. I was hoping that she would like them if she could not see them first.

Result: As soon as a bite of fig touched her tongue she spat it out!

I was hoping that our funny snacks could also be used for fussy eaters as a way to taste food that they would not normally eat but I am not sure that it was successful in that respect. Anyway Blondie and I had lots of fun. And that is what really matters, isn’t it?

Me & The Girls